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Win32 api screen resolution
Win32 api screen resolution

Win32 api screen resolution

Download Win32 api screen resolution

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win32 screen api resolution

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I set the width and height to the width and height of the screen, which is fine. To get the coordinates of the portion of the screen that is not obscured by the The user cannot drag the window frame to a size larger than these dimensions. well the subject says it all i guess alright i jsut found GetDeviceCaps on the windows site.. Is this the best way to get the resolution. I am using ANSI C and the win 32 API.But what I want to know is how to change the resolution of the Comment on Determine screen resolution (on Windows) hmm - sounds like you're going to have to do something fancy with Win32::API - good luck :). Jan 7, 2011 - How do I from Winapi (in C or C++) detect the current screen resolution? . How to change the control themes in a Win32 API application? Oct 18, 2008 - Is there a way to programmatically change the screen resolution or You will need to use, invoke or write a wrapper to access the Win32 API. how can i get the screen resolution of a user's computer on a win32 system? Look into the Win32-API module which allows you access to theDetermine screen resolution (on Windows)12 Jul 2006Re: Determine screen resolution (on Windows)12 Jul 2006More results from www.perlmonks.orgProgrammatically change display resolution - › › Win32/64 SDK & OS › GeneralCachedSimilar Rating: 3.7 - ?6 votesAug 6, 2006 - Programmatically change display resolution from console using API call.; Author: Cristian Amarie; Updated: 6 Aug 2006; Section: Win32/64 I am writing a small application to allow switching of screen resolutions in the windows environment.
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